3.75” is the scale that started it all. It’s the scale that has the Millennium Falcon, the Sail Barge, and the Razor Crest. It’s the scale that has thousands of unique Star Wars figures from Hasbro, from cantina patrons to Separatist leaders to Rotta the Huttlet. It’s THE scale of record—or at least it used to be. More and more lately, the list of figures that exist in the 6” Black Series line and not the 3.75” Vintage Collection grows ever longer.

Yes, there are thousands of figures done in 3.75” that have yet to be done in 6”. Sure, they should be made in that scale, too. Go nuts! But it’s nice to have one scale of record that has a version of every figure represented in it, and 3.75” has a multi-decade head start. (And a Razor Crest. Don’t forget the Razor Crest.)

On SWTVC, we’ll be taking a look at characters in the 6” line, and presenting information about how to #BalanceTheScalesHasbro.