september 2021 event calendar

Nightsisters, undead Geonosians, and evil Force spirits are rising…it must be October already! We here at @SWTVC have some scary good fun planned.

Mark your calendars now for Hasbro PulseCon on October 22 and 23, hopefully with some good TVC reveals and preorders!

The dark side wins as #375MovieMonday covers Revenge of the Sith and The Clone Wars theatrical release, but #375MandoMonday is here to bring some much-needed lightness.

#375TrooperTuesday marches forward!

On #TVCWishlistWednesday and #375ThrowbackThursday, we’ll take a look at some fun topics, including beasts, large accessories, and villains. We’ll focus on Kenner and Retro Collection photography later in the month!

For #FactionFriday375, we’re looking at dark side factions including the Empire and the Sith, monsters, and the return of our horror theme just in time for Halloween!

#WorldbuildingWeekend is all about the larger items and collections that make the scale so important to so many of us.

May the Force be with you!